About Father Bacik

Fr. Jim Bacik

Fr. Jim Bacik
Fr. Bacik is a priest of the Diocese of Toledo, ordained in 1962 and is the former pastor of Corpus Christi University Parish in Toledo. He has his doctorate in theology from the University of Oxford and has published many articles and books, including Contemporary Theologians; Catholic Spirituality: Its History and Challenge; A Light Unto My Path: Crafting Effective Homilies; Humble Confidence: Spiritual and Pastoral Guidance from Rahner, Pope Francis and his Critics, and most recently The Catholic Spiritual Journey.


  • 1978 D. Phil. from University of Oxford, England
  • 1969 M.S. from Fordham University
  • 1960 M.A. from The Athenaeum of Ohio


St. Ann Parish, Fremont, Oh, 1962; St. Mary Parish, Sandusky, Oh, 1962-1965; Little Flower of Jesus Parish, Summer, 1965;  St. Mary Parish, Sandusky, Oh, 1965-1967;  St. Charles Borromeo Parish, Summer, 1969;  St. Thomas More University Parish, Bowling Green, OH, Assoc. Pastor, 1970-1975; St. Thomas More University Parish, 1977-1982; Corpus Christi University Parish, Pastor, 1982-2012; retired June  30, 2012; Senior Status 2012 to present (Monthly lecture series at Lourdes University; writing weekly meditations; continuing writing monthly Reflections, which started in 1977.)


  • Fordham 1967 – 1969, M.S.
  • Oxford University  1976-1978, Ph.D.


2014  to present  Adjunct Professor of Theology, Lourdes University, Sylvania, Ohio

2012-2018          Visiting Professor, Catholic Theological Union, Chicago, Illinois

1988-2006          Summer Lecturer, Graduate Theology Program, University of Notre Dame

1985-1988           Summer Lecturer in Graduate Religious Studies, Fordham University

1983-2012           Adjunct Professor of Humanities, University of Toledo

1981                      Visiting Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Bowling Green State University

1980-81               Adjunct Professor, St. John Provincial Seminary, Plymouth, Michigan

1980-83               Summer Lecturer, Graduate Program in Pastoral Ministry, University of San Francisco

1978-80               Part-time Lecturer, Bowling Green State University

1971-80                Visiting Assistant Professor in Graduate Theology Program, University of Dayton

1971-75                 Instructor in Experimental Studies Program, Bowling Green State University

1974                      Visiting Instructor, Winebrenner Seminary, Findlay, Ohio

1970                      Visiting Instructor, Marist College, Institute of Theology, Poughkeepsie, New York

1969-70                Assistant Professor of Catechetical Theology, Mount St. Mary Seminary, Cincinnati, Ohio


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Columnist for “National Catholic Reporter” from 1980-87.

Columnist for “The Catholic Chronicle” from 1971-73.


Writer for the editorial committee which prepared the Catholic Bishops’ Pastoral Letter on Campus Ministry “Empowered by the Spirit” (USCC 1986).



Fr. Bacik and Brad Rieger co-host a show called “A Bacik Conversation,” a thoughtful podcast from WGTV that dives into topics that Fr. Bacik covers in his lectures, articles and books.

Radio Programs

Weekly half-hour radio program called “Reflections” on WSPD in Toledo, 1370 AM, Sundays at 10:30 p.m. from 1980-1993.

Audio Cassettes

1) “Cultivating dynamic Spirituality” (two talks on time and transition)

2) “A Spirituality for Busy People” (four 30-minute presentations)

3) “A Spirituality for the 80s” (eight one-half hour lectures on spirituality)

4) “Religious Self-Awareness” (six 45-minute talks on great religious questions)

5) “Understanding the Faith” (seven 90-minute talks on Contemporary Theology)

6) “Help for Preachers: A Theology of Proclamation” (six 30-minute talks)

7) “Knowing Jesus Christ” (four 45-minute talks)

Video Cassettes

1) “Theological Conversations” (20 one-half hour programs discussing famous 20th religious thinkers such as Rahner, Kung, Ruether and Tillich) Paulist Press.

2) “Exploring the Faith: Practical Theology for Collegians” (25 – 1/2 hour programs on major theological topics) Video with Values, St. Louis.


Knowing the Triune God: The Work of the Spirit in the Practice of the Church, ed. by James Buckley and David Yeago in Worship Jan., 2003 vol. 77, number 1, pp. 72-74.

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  • Ireland, June, 2016
  • Australia, August, 2009
  • China, October, 1991
  • Japan, September, 1991
  • Russia, March, 1990
  • Costa Rica, July, 1987


Fr. Bacik received the Reverend Charles Forsyth Award on January 10, 2013 “For outstanding leadership in and support of the advancement of campus ministry on local, regional and national levels.” This award is given by The Catholic Campus Ministry Association.

Fr. Bacik was awarded an honorary degree of Doctor of Humane Letters from Neumann College, April 27, 2007

He was awarded an honorary degree of Doctor of Humane Letters from Siena Heights College, May 5, 1996.

He received the Archbishop Paul J. Hallinan Award on January 5, 1995 in “recognition of his extraordinary support for Campus Ministry though his writing, teaching, creative programming and unwavering dedication.” The Hallinan Award has only been given to three other individuals in the 25-year history of the Catholic Campus Ministry Association.

Recipient of the Rev. Charles Forsyth Award for demonstrating outstanding leadership in campus ministry on the local, regional and national level, January 10, 2013.

Recipient of the Lourdes College Newman Award for 2001.

Richard P. McBrien of the University of Notre Dame has written: “James Bacik is one of North America’s finest,  finest, most insightful theologians, with a remarkable capacity for clear writing and effective teaching.”