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This page contains links to the older lectures and radio shows that are archived at the Fr. Bacik Archives at Lourdes University.

Fr. Bacik Archives – Lourdes University

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Video Lecture Archive

All missing items are currently available at the Duns Scotus Library on the campus of Lourdes University in Sylvania, Ohio.






Audio Lecture Archive

All missing items are currently available at the Duns Scotus Library on the campus of Lourdes University in Sylvania, Ohio.

09 A&B Theology & Faith     10 A,B,&C Christology Class Lecture     13 & 14 A,B,&C Catholic Moral Theology Class Lecture

15 A&B Theology & Liturgy For Collegiates        16 A&B The Search & The Experience       17 E Hopeful Realism

19 A&B Prophetic Spirituality & Reflective Spontaneity            21 A&B Experience Of Mystery & Genuine Freedom

23 A&B Nov  1982 First Friday        24 A&B Carl Jung & The Spiritual Search      25 E Ghandi & Self Fulfillment

26 A&B Martin Luther King JR & Search For Freedom      27 E Hammarskjold & Handling Time

28 E Teilhard & The Problem Of Belief            29 A&B Merton & The Experience Of The East

30 E The Prophetic Experience                         32 E Augustine & The Conversion Experience

33 E Mystical Experience Teresa Of Avila          35 A&B John 23 Church Reform & The Virtue Of Zeal

39 A&B Mother Theresa       40 A&B Cardinal Newman        41 A&B Christ & Discipleship

42 A&B Christ & Historical Jesus       43 A&B Christ In Gospel Of Matthew      44 A&B Christ & Salvation

45 A&B Christ & Resurrection          46 A&B Christ & Liberation        49 A&B Spiritual Quest

50 A&B Search For God                          51 A&B Obstacles To Spiritual Growth

52 A&B Search For Committed Openness         53 A&B First Friday      54 A&B Humanity Of Jesus

55 E Death & Resurrection Of Jesus The Search For Meaning

56 E The Miracles Of Jesus Searching For Hope

57 E The Church Today Searching For Healthy Pluralism

58 E The Church As Sign Of The Kingdom Searching For Community

59 E The Church As Instrument Of The Kingdom

60 A&B Responsible Freedom                     61 A&B Genuine Charity

62 A&B Liturgical Piety         64 A&B Healthy Attitude Toward Death        65 A&B Simple Faith

67 A&B Freedom & Authority        71 A&B Nature & Technology          72 A&B Persons & Things

75 A&B Jesus Healer & Conqueror Of Death        76 A&B Knowing Jesus Christ

77 A&B Gustavo Gutierrez       78 A&B Religion & Culture      79 A&B Yves Congar

80 A&B Teilhard On Religion & Science        84 A&B John Courtney Murray

85 A&B Jacques Maritain     86 A&B Hans Kung       87 A&B Karl Barth

90 E Reinterpreting Christianity    91 E Developing A Spirit    92 E Probing Human Existence

93 A&B Improving Personal Relationships        95 A&B Full Employment & Theology Of Work

96 A&B International Relationships                 97 A&B Fighting Poverty & Teachings Of Jesus

98 A&B Ghandi & The Nature Of Power    99 A&B Martin Luther King Jr & The Nature Of Power

100 E Self Discovery & Role Of Prayer                    101 E Self Discovery & Relationships

102 E Self Discovery & Learning From The East

103A Preparing Lent Structured Spirituality              103B Lent Spirituality

104 A&B Life In The Church Challenges & Opportunities   105A Life In the Church Pluralism

105B Church Life & Pluralism        106A Parish Life        106B Parish Life II       107A Creation Spirituality

107B Creation Spirituality        108A Creation Spirituality II         108B Creation Spirituality II

109 A&B Creation Spirituality III    110A Creation Spirituality & Season    110B Creation Spirituality & Season II

111A American Dream & Mother Russia            111B American Dream & Mother Russian II

112A Exploring Attitudes Towards Persons American & Soviet

112B Exploring Attitudes Towards Persons American & Soviet II

113A Exploring Freedom         113B Exploring Freedom II

114A Contemplative Spirit Exploring Attitudes Toward The World

114B Contemplative Spirit Exploring Attitudes Toward The World II

115A Fall 1990 Newman Lecture      115B Newman Fall 1990

116A Lent & Spiritual Development      116B Lent & Spiritual Development II

117A Future Of Ministry     118 A&B Process Of Conversion    119 A&B Moral Conversion

120A Laity & Hope         120B Laity & Hope II        121 A&B Lay Ministry

 122 A&B Laity Spirituality             124A Creation Spirituality & Sexism

124B Creation Spirituality & Sexism II     125A Original Sin & The Teachings Of M Fox

125B Original Sin & The Teachings Of M Fox II       126A Christian Muslim Dialogue

126B Christian Muslim Dialogue II          127A Christian Buddhist Dialogue

127B Christian Buddhist Dialogue II    128 A&B Scriptural Advice & Cultural Meaning

129A Renewing Parish Life Pluralism & Dissent

129B Renewing Parish Life Pluralism & Dissent II

130A Renewing Christian Life Christian Revival

130B Renewing Christian Life Christian Revival II

131 A&B Renewing Parish Life Christian Renewal III

136A Basics With Rahner    136B Basics With Rahner II    138A Cultivating Spirituality

138B Cultivating Spirituality II    138 S Cultivating Dynamic Spirituality

147 A&B  New Catechism Human Existence      148A Homily Workshop For Deacons

148B Homily Workshop For Deacons II                  149 A&B Spirituality In Action

152 A&B Dominus Jesus Forming A Response    153A Hans Kung Christian Muslim Dialogue

154 1A&B Committed Openness                        154 2A&B Committed Openness

155 A&B Building A Christian Marriage         156 A&B Reconcilliation 1997

157 A&B Role Of Laity In Church

286A Religious Literacy   286B Religious Literacy

Corpus Christi Audio Lecture Archive

CCLS 1 Theology & Spirituality       CCLS02 Sexuality & Moral Theology

CCLS03 A&B Spirituality & Play          CCLS04 A&B Spirituality & Work Of Justice

CCLS05 A&B The Theology Of Rahner In The Modern World

CCLS06 A&B Springboard To The World Church   CCLS 06 07 Sports & Spirituality

CCLS07 A&B Spirituality Of Hope       CCLS08 A&B Sacramental Imagination

CCLS 08 01 A,B,C Gospel Appearance ACCTS  CCLS09 Gospel Miracles & Spiritual Quest Today

CCLS 10 A&B Martin Luther King      CCLS 11 A&B Church & Politics John Courtney Murray

CCLS 10 01 A,B,&C The Pre Vatican II Parish      CCLS 10 07 Biblical Spirituality

CCLS 11 01 A&B Priestly Vocation                  CCLS 11 07 A&B Religion & Society

CCLS 12 09 A&B Vatican II On Revelation

CCLS16 A&B Trends In Catholic Thought          CCLS17 Revelation & Faith

CCLS18 A&B Catholic Thought Summary   CCLS19 A&B Rethinking Our National Culture

CCLS23 A&B Current Trends Summary

CCUP 07 01 Sacrament Of Penance      CCUP 21 & 22   Prayer, Support & Discussion

CCUP 24 A&B Artist Night

RET 01 02&03&04 A&B Hope & The Gospel Of Mark

RET 02 01&02 A&B Salvation Now & Forever        RET 03 01&02 A&B Bacik Resurrection

MIS 214 A&B Nuclear Awareness        MIS 215 A&B CLP       MIS 301 A&B Current Trends

MIS 210 6A 1995 NADDCM CON       MIS 216 1A&B Method Of Preaching

MIS 216 2A&B Human Experience Preaching       MIS 216 3A&B Models For Preaching

MIS 217 A&B Rahner               MIS 218 A&B James Bacik Prayer II St Patricks

MIS 219 1A&B 1995 NADDCM CON        MIS 219 2A&B 1995 NADDCM CON

MIS 219 3A&B 1995 NADDCM CON        MIS 219 4A&B 1995 NADDCM CON

MIS 219 5A&B 1995 NADDCM CON         MIS 219 6A 1995 NADDCM CON

CAS 140 A&B Deepening Self Awareness       CAS 141 A&B Expanding Our Experience

CAS 142 A&B Striving For Authentic Self Fullfillment

BL 022 Striving For Authentic Self Fulfillment       BL 133 A&B Religious Self Awareness

BL 134 A&B Freedom & Faith

RB06 A&B Spirituality Of Paul           RB07 01&04 Spiritual Growth & Eucharist

Radio Show Archive

All missing items are currently available at the Duns Scotus Library on the campus of Lourdes University in Sylvania, Ohio.

Collection #1

R1 Debate     R1 Issues    R3 Dualism     R3 Faith & Science

R5 A Christ & Liberation     R5 B Christ & Liberation

R6 A     R6 B     R7 A     R7 B      R8 Future     R8 Past

R9 Divorce       R9 Healing     R061 The Lingering Image of Christmas

R061 Advent Mary Nazareth     R062 Journeys of Conversion  R062 Images of God

R063 Journeys Of Conversion    R063 Women Church Movement

R064 Non Violent Spirit   R064 Personal & Theological  R065 Agony In The Garden

R065 Mercy Of The Lord       R066 Aids Working Towards Prevention

R066 Aids Respond Compassionate Care  R067 Political Dimension R067 Religious Dimension

R068 Black Experience       R068 Exodus Experience        R069 US Soviet Arms Race

R069 Blk Theology & Suffering Christ  R070 College Depression  R070 College Family Dropout

R071 Personal Addiction Spirit SOL  R072 Addiction & Personal Relationships

R072 Addiction Behavior & Christian Social Values   R073 Crucified Lord   R074 Environmental Crisis

R075 Role Of Science & Myth  R076 MGMT & Labor 1  R076 MGMT & Labor 2   R077 MGMT & Labor 3

R078 Search For Justice    R078 Sin Of Pride    R079 Liberating Activities    R079 Ministry & Formation

R080 Road Less Traveled       R081 Affective Conversion         R081 Intellectual Conversion

R082 Moral Conversion  R082 Religious & Christian Conversion  R083 Christ & Compassion For Sinners

R083 Easter & Resurrection   R084 Young People Today   R085 Ministry As Compassionate Presence

R085 Ministry As Formation        R086 Crucified Christ       R086 Jesus On The Mountain

R087 Aids Compassionate Care       R087 Aids Prevention        R088 Worship & Space

R088 Worship & Time   R089 College Family Crisis    R089 Sports & Sexism   R090 Fanaticism

R090 Role Models   R091 Society   R091 Personhood   R092 Untitled   R093 A Institutions

R093 B Expectations         R094 A Spirituality         R094 B Church        R095 Untitled

R096 Consecration Theological Debate     R096 Consecration Ecumenical Icons

R097 Personal Theology    R097 Social Theology    R098 Philosophy Of Hope

R099 Religious Language  R100 Language Games  R101 A Advent Show  R101 B Advent Show

 R102 Broader Vision  R103 Dealing With Change   R103 New Years  R104 Education Opportunity

R104 Unemployment Opportunity    R105 New Racism    R106 1st Sunday Of Lent

R106 2nd Sunday Of Lent    R107 Creation & Evolution    R107 Environmental Crisis

R108 Myth & Symbol  R109 3rd Sunday Of Lent  R109 4th Sunday Of Lent   R110 5th Sunday Of Lent

R110 Paschal Experience   R111 Soviet Union & Lithuania  R112 Religious Dimension Of Impressionism

R112 Prophetic Experience      R113 Creating A World     R113 Experience Of Hope

R114 Role Of Example                R114 Secular Wisdom             R115 A Untitled

R115 B Untitled              R116 Vatican II Modern World           R116 Vatican II Ecumenism

R117 Vatican II Church  R117 Vatican II Liturgy  R118 Economic Perspective  R118 Political Perspective

R119 Religious & Cultural Perspective      R120 Global Perspective      R121 Family Perspective

R121 Perspective Of Workers    R122 Question Of Purpose    R122 Social Darwinism

R123 Evolutionary Ethics    R124 Human Rights   R124 Perspective Of The Poor  R125 Common Good

R126 Sports Fans   R126 Witness For Truth  R127 Human Ecology   R128 Moral Dimension

R128 Sacramental Principle        R129 Communal Sense Of Salvation       R129 Faith & Reason

R130 Sense Of Universality   R131 Free Speech   R131 Multi Culturalism   R132 Japan Buddhism Influence

R132 Japan Intl  Relationships    R133 Political Correction & Canon    R134 Japan & Business World

R134 Japan & Educational System    R135 Japan & Christianity     R136 Functional Analysis

R136 Role Of Symbol         R137 Enslaving Or Liberating       R137 New Role For Denominations

 R138 Storytelling & Community Celebrations  138 Storytelling & Television  R139 Role Of Magisterium

R139 Role Of Theologians     R140 Role Of Clergy     R140 Role Of Laity     R141 New Enthusiasm

R141 Transforming Culture             R143 Parental Choice            R143 Success Story

R144 Social Sin & False Consciousness    R144 Social Sin & Public Policy   R145 Columbus Economics

R145 Columbus Religious           R146 Columbus Political          R146 Columbus Social

R147 Humor In & Out Of Church                R147 Humor Theological Perspective

R148 Historical Jesus Political Threat         R148 Historical Jesus Poor Layman

R149 Historical Jesus As Teacher               R149 Historical Jesus As Traveling Preacher

R150 Bosnia Historical Perspective           R150 Bosnia Searching For Solutions

R151 Racism & Educational Excellence         R151 Racism & Spiritual Renewal

R152 Racism & Economic Development   R153 Apparitions Lasalette  R153 Apparitions Lourdes

R154 Apparitions Fatima     R154 Apparitions Medjugorje     R155 Spring Training

R156 Professorship Cultural         R156 Professorship Legal        R157 Affective Sexuality

R157 Gender Sexuality      R158 Genital Sexuality     R158 Goodness Of Sexuality

R159 Compassionate Jesus       R159 Jesus Son Of God       R160 Importance Of Communion

R160 Importance Of The Word

Collection #2

R161 Importance Of Gestures     R161 Importance Of Singing

R162 Baseball Myths      R162 Consecration Of B Harris      R163 Insights Political Theology

R163 Insights Relationships    R164 South Africa   R165 Marriage Institutional Reality

R165 Raising Kids       R166 Environment Crisis & Love Your Enemy       R166 Original Sin

R166 Sexism   R167 Middle East Reconciling Conflicts   R167 Middle East Religious Perspective

 R168 Community Search For Truth        R168 Process Of Forming Community

R169 Community & Virtue Of Loyalty        R170 Experience Of Beauty

R171 Encounter With God         R171 Prophetic Experience       R172 Prayerful Experience

R173 Coping With Isolation  R173 Coping With Loss Of Meaning   R174 Coping With Anxiety

R174 Coping With Depression          R175 Collegiate EXP Coping With Stress

R176 Dealing With Cheating      R176 Forming Friendships

R177 Critique Of Reason       R177 Critique Of Sexism       R178 Critique Of Colonialism

R179 1st Sunday In Advent  Expecting Lord   R179 2nd Sunday In Advent   Call To Repentance

R180 3rd Sunday In Lent  Always Rejoicing   R180 4th Sunday In Lent   Contemplating Mystery

R181 Economic Sanctions   R181 Military Options   R182 Cultural Images Of Christ

R182 Setting Of Gospel       R183 Flawed Image      R183 Humanity In Christ

R184 Death Of A Dream     R185 Importance Of Icon     R185 Quest For Real Liberty

R186 Creating A Vision     R186 Empowering Others     R186 Suffering For The Cause

R186 Working For Justice       R187 A       R187 Avoiding Slogans       R187 B

R187 Identifying Core Issues            R187 Legal Considerations

R187 Pastoral Considerations         R188 Religion & Literature

R189 Individualism & Biblical Tradition       R190 Peer Ministry & Community Building

R191 Peer Ministry                  R192 Peer Ministry & Student Formation

R193 Imagination & The Arts    R194 Christian Jewish Dialogue       R195 Half Heartedness

R196 Mysticism Experience Of Oneness       R197 Mary & The Feminist Movement

R198 Mary In Catholic & Protestant Thought     R199 Problem Of Faith

R200 Teaching The Gifted   R201 Sacrament Of Penance   R202 New Christian Right

R203 Time Management               R204 Watching TV Intelligently

R205 TV Shapes Consciousness  R206 Science & Moral Questions  R207 Work & Success

R208 Sports        R209 Working For Peace        R210 Question Of Memory

R211 Work & Leisure   R212 Quest For Meaning    R213 Reproduction & Single Persons

R214 Spirituality & Youth Ministry      R215 Trivia      R216 Spirituality & Potential

R217 Works & Spirituality   R218 Spiritual Growth & Renunciation   R219 Peace Into Practice

R220 Work & Alienation            R221 Men & Women Psychology

R222 Youth Ministry & Cultural Images       R223 Human Love

R224 Human Dilemma In Literature             R225 Social Justice Issues On Campus

R226 Jewish Realism   R227 Legal Aspect Of Abortion  R228 Papal Letter On Human Work

R229 Ordination Of Women     R230 Dealing With The Past    R231 Fundamentalist View

R232 Reading Scriptures Effectively   R233 Impact Of TV    R234 Personal Sin

R235 College EXP Newman Club Activities     R236 Coping With Christmas

R237 Religious Imagination         R238 Youth Ministry & Political Concerns

R239 Dealing With Death              R240 Hope In Biblical Prophets

R241 Imagination & Value Of Day Dreaming        R242 TV A Reflection Of Our Culture

R243 Religious Vocations      R244 College & Family Home Life      R245 Nature & Mediation

R246 Living Through Transition      R247 Individuals & Families In Corporate Life

R248 Infancy Narratives Gospel Of Matthew       R249 Facing The Nuclear Threat

R250 Dialogue Doctors & Theologians      R251 Reading The New Testament

R252 Ecumenical Approaches To Baptism      R253 Understanding the ME Decade

R254 Literary Analysis Of New Testament   R255 Dorothy Day   R256 Transfiguration Of Christ

R257 Bishops Peace Pastoral Role Of Conscience     R258 Literary Form Of The Bible

R259 Intro To The Bishops Pastoral Letter       R260 Literary Forms In New Testament

R261 Civil Religion     R262 Eclipse Of Mystery      R263 Reading Bible Intelligently

R264 Sexual Ethics    R265 Commentary On Passion Of Lord    R266 Great Peace March

R267 Captitalist System Analysis & Critique         R268 Apologetics & Defense Of Faith

R269 Christian Response To Racism        R270 Mission Of Church Meeting PHYS Needs

R271 Biblical Interpretations            R272 Science As Mystery

Collection #3

R273 Passivism & Tendency Towards Violence       R274 Modern Ecumenical Movement

R275 Meaning Of The Resurrection         R276 El Greco & Lives Of Saints

R276 El Greco & Lives Of Saints  R278 El Greco Of Toledo  R279 Community Life On Campus

R280 Morality Of Living Together                 R281 Pauls Letter To Corinthians

R282 Classical Contemporary Theology       R283 Resurrection Key To Christian Faith

R284 Death Of Jesus               R285 Progressive & Conservative Elements In The Church

R286 Puritanism    R287 Creationism & Evolutionary Theory    R288 Social Sin & Liberation

R289 Cardinal Newman & Role Of Liberal Edu              R290 Synthesis Of Science & Religion

R291 Spirituality          R292 Social Sin #1           R293 Born Again Movement

R294 Understanding Theology                  R295 How Collegians Deal With Stress

R296 Structure & Planning Higher Edu        R297 Corporations In Capitalistic Society

R298 Infancy Narrative Gospel Of Luke           R299 Advent & Christmas Prep

R300 Paul’s Letter To Galatians  R301 Mysticism & Self Awareness   R302 Bishops Peace Pastoral

R303 Celebrating Freedom In US               R304 Pauls Letter To Romans

R305 Ecumenical Approaches To Sacrament       R306 Human Sexuality

R307 Christian Response To Environment    R308 Capitalism & Socialism     R309 Mutuality

R310 Mysticism & Social Action       R311 Charismatic Movement      R312 Mysticism

R313 God Of Exodus & Liberation          R314 Human Nature & Original Sin

R315 Ecumenical Movement Today             R316 New Years Resolution

R317 Bishop Peace Pastoral Personal Response          R318 IVF Morality

R319 Bishop Peace Pastoral Peace Promo         R320 El Greco & Spiritual Life

R321 Imaginative Conversion    R322 Emotional Conversion     R322 Religious Conversion

R323 Emotional Conversion      R324 Plato & The Search For Real     R325 Motherhood

R326 Labor MGMT Relations   R327 Learning To Pray Better   R328 Hans Kung Church Reform

R329 An Experience Named Spirit         R330 A Church Reform & Ecumenism

R330 B Reform & Ecumenism       R331 Authority & Dialogue       R331 B Authority & Dialogue

R332 Inner Dialogue  R333 Fundamentalism & End Of World   R334 Pentecost Outpouring Of Spirit

R335 Holy Spirit          R336 Coping With Suffering        R337 Jesus As Liberator

R338 Martin Luther Dealing With Guilt           R340 Holy Week & Spiritual Growth

R341 Feast Of Epiphany    R342 Ideas & History    R343 Human Suffering   R344 Search For Self

R345 Positive Perspective       R346 Dealing With Stress       R348 Olympic Participants

R349 Reflection On Priesthood          R350 Pope John II Social Teachings

R351 Ghandi & Important Reconcilliation  R352 Women In The Church   R353 Self Management

R354 Expert Through Discipline     R355 Suffering In Perspective      R356 College Student & Family

R358 Truthfulness In The Church                R359 Registering For The Draft

R360 US Constitution Question Of Religion          R361 Community, Life, Expectations

R362 Mary Of Nazareth          R363 The Role Of Religion      R364 Advent & John The Baptist

R365 Human Rights Political & Civil             R366 Economic & Social Rights

R367 Thanksgiving Holiday Religious Perspective             R368 Christian Maturity

R369 Paul Life & Letters       R370 Excellence In Education       R371 Social Sin

R372 Athletic Recruitment          R373 Laity & Clergy         R374 In Search Of Lay Spirituality

R375 JFK & Public Service     R376 Olympics As Symbol        R377 Human Liberation

R378 Masculine Images Of God                 R379 Poverty & Human Development

R380 The Magi & Overcoming Prejudice