1. Thank you for making this video available. It was inspiring…… the message that the best way to honor Jim Bacik is to continue his work …. to stay with the Catholic Church as it struggles through rocky times… is a challenge that I will embrace. I appreciate his humanity. and humility as much as his intelligence.
    Thank you Fr. Bacik for being among us. I look forward to hearing more from you in the years ahead.

  2. Judith Dorsch Backes

    Thank you, Fr. Bacik. This video is a wonderful tribute to your many years of service and the many, many, many people that you have impacted. I have been one of those deeply impacted by your guidance, support and teaching. My time with you began at St. Thomas More in Bowling Green. I have continued to stay connected to you and your work through your Reflections series from Corpus Christi for the last 40 years. Best wishes as you take the time to explore new and exciting adventures!!

  3. Hi Father Bacik,
    I just watched the tribute to you for your 50th Anniversary.
    This wonderful summary of your Life work touched the hearts of the many people you have helped and guided throughout the years.
    Your wisdom and compassion during Scott’s illness and death were a great comfort to our entire family.
    I miss the opportunity to listen to your words of wisdom personally, but the memories of your friendship will go on forever.
    God bless you