1. Hi Jim — First, thank you for your many Reflections over all these years — they’re nourishing and stimulating.
    Second, my comment is to share my reflection: In the beginning is God, and the word is with God. A word is an expression. God expresses in a zillion different words or forms, living and not living, human and not human. One word or expression of God is the human form. Each of us is an expression or word of God. The problem is that the world doesn’t “recognize” this. Jesus is the fullest expression of God (the best the human race has produced, as Jim Bacik likes to say). Salvation is to recognize that I and each form is an expression of God, and to realize that and become a better and clearer and deeper expression of God during the course of the incarnation and living that we have. We already are expressions (sons and daughters) of God, the challenge is to wake up and see it. Christmas celebrates all this. How differently we words would treat one another if we truly realized this.
    Third, I wish you a happy and holy Christmas — Dave

  2. Thank you, Jim. This is a meditation for days and days….for a lifetime.
    Secondly, I will respond in prayer to this Great Mystery by dancing even though no one is looking. Rita