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  1. Hi Jim-

    When we left Ohio 10 yrs ago I missed the occasional times I could come to Corpus Christi for Mass or the times I had an opportunity to attend one of your lectures. We lived in AZ for 3 yrs and now in TX for almost 8 yrs. I have been able, because of living in MI in the summer, to infrequently attend other lectures. But now receiving your monthly Reflections and the bonus of meditations on the Sunday readings (which I read to my husband on thre way to weekend Mass), I feel spiritually renewed and more in touch with you than I did the 24 yrs I lived in Tiffin.Thank you, God, for the gift of my spiritual mentor, Julia Reimer, who introduced me to you.
    On the immigratiion issue, my 3 yrs in AZ were really an eye opener and made me aware of the horrible plight of the immigrants coming from MX and Central America. In AZ I saw twice as many Border Patrol wagons as I did Highway patrol cars. My cousin is the head nurse at the University of Arizona Hspt where there bring the immigrant victims of terrible accidents while being trasported in unsafe vehicles that had crashed. They would treat them and when they had recuperated, they flew them back to Mexico. It was well known by the hspt staff that in 6 months they would be back trying to get into the Land of Plenty. There was a groupof young activists called “No Mas Muerte who would patro the desert trying to save lives. They were arrested and thrown in jail. A group of mothers living near the border would sneak their children and register them with a fake address at AZ schools close to the border. They want an education for their children just like all the mothers in the US want. They were not discoverred for over a yr but then the arm of the law kept them from geetting that education. While in AZ, my book group read a book called “The Devil’s Highway”. It was a horrific read but gave details of a group of hispanics who were lead by a coyote to their deaths in the desert. It was very graphic and heart breaking. I have recommended and even sent copies to some of my friends. I wish everyone in Congress could read it and maybe they could put their greed and hunger for power and control aside to help these human beings who are much less fortunate then we are. I hope you have an opportunity to read it. My 3 yrs in AZ were very depressing and made me so much more aware of the changes that are needed-NOW!
    Thank you for your publications and your efforts to make people aware of the current issues which the Gospel calls us to, not only to be witnesses but to be instruments of change.

    Judy Ball