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  1. Dear Father Jim,
    I miss you so very much. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
    The Reflections on the Olympics really inspired me to see the deeply spiritual and poetic in the Olympics.
    How are you feeling?
    I wish I could see you and hear you more.
    I am living in Fremont, trying to help by visiting nursing homes and going to visit the jail, if the FBI approves. I usually run out of money each year so I “rob” a bank. I don’t know if the FBI know this.

    Besides being a “scandal to the Catholic Church” I am trying to live my own life. I am enjoying a smaller house. I think you know that we are selling our Provincial Center. We are going to build at Lial-an assistant living place. It is so hard to get the elderly into nursing homes today–the government is very strict now. I am hoping that we buy some ranch houses in Toledo. We can’t climb steps well any more. I am 74 now, I hope I am not ready for assistant living or a helper for those in assistant living. Nuns are so very independent –won’t take medicine etc. unless they want to etc. I’ve worked in nursing homes where the families would lay down “the law”–because I am responsible to the families, the DON, the Administrator, the State. Oh well.

    Thank you so much. Father O’Bacik, I hope you had a good St. Patrick’s Day–in Ireland it is only a holy day–not a drinking day–we Americans.
    Love, prayer, gratitude–for all,