1. Hi Fr. Jim
    We got your card. Thanks. It will be great to keep up with you on the web site!!

  2. I needed to know where to go to get a dose of Fr. Bacik now that I no longer have to travel only 12 hours from Georgia to Toledo.

  3. Hi Father Jim,
    It is a blessing to have the clarity and guidance of our “virtual pastor” alive and well in our midst!!
    I was in Chicago last weekend, and missed seeing you.
    Eileen H.

  4. Hello Fr Jim.
    1983 I had the privilege of being in your class at USF. It remains a pleasure to read the insightful material you write. We live in increasingly revisionist times and it is great to read someone who can give relevance to the challenges of the day. Thank you. Edgar (NZ)

  5. Really liked what you had to say in your post, Gospel and Homily for 19th Sunday of Ordinary Time | FATHER JIM BACIK, thanks for the good read!
    — Shawanda